Lemon Meringue Tartlets

Okay, let me start by saying, that this is my most enjoyable pastry creation so far. I absolutely love every step of this process. I loved it even when I had to do it day-in and day-out and never grew tired of it!!! Rolling the shortcrust to a perfect smooth […]

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Portuguese Custard Tarts

Portuguese custard tarts

This is one of my favorite pastries to eat and make! I didn’t know about them until I moved to Australia, Melbourne to be specific. I know, it would have been perfect if I could say, I had my first in Portugal ha ha… Well, Melbourne is famous for it’s […]

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Sourdough Danish Pastry

sourdough danish pastry

Danish, shortened for Danish pastry is a multi-layered, leavened, sweet pastry just like croissants, but only sweeter and richer in taste. I still remember, how I adored looking at these jewel like pastries in cafe windows in Paris. During my time as a baker/pastry chef, I had the chance to […]

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Sourdough croissants

A guide to patisserie quality french laminated pastry using natural yeast! I will skip the long boring story about my love for laminated dough and get straight to the technical details. I have another post where I talk about nailing the croissants at home. Those points are still valid here […]

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Tackling croissants at home

Here I will share with you, process and techniques (tips) to getting croissants right! So you can use any recipe and produce beautiful results. Because what I have discovered after many years and several attempts ( plus pastry/bakery school) that recipe is just a guideline and it is the execution […]

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Fish Empanada


Empanada or patties as we call them at home, are a party food that I grew up with. It is one of the few things that I started making myself as a little girl, just by following my Mom’s directions. However, I have, over-time, done a few changes to the […]

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