Sourdough chocolate babka

chocolate babka

A babka for me is another way to eat brioche, my favorite sweet bread. The combination of rich soft brioche and chocolate can only be described as heavenly. I have made this a few times before, for get-togethers, tea parties and pot lucks. Those were made with commercial or instant […]

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Sourdough doughnuts


That title may sound odd to some of you, but I can guarantee that the end results are always yummy. Yes! it is possible to make your favorite doughnuts using natural yeast. If you have already mastered making sourdough bread, then this process will be familiar to you. But if […]

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Whole wheat sourdough bread

whole wheat sourdough

Making whole wheat sourdough is a challenge. It is not difficult, but it requires some extra attention and tricks to make the bread light and airy. Whole wheat flour has less gluten than the white flour. This is the main reason for whole wheat bread to be dense and not […]

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Cocoa & orange sourdough

cocoa orange sourdough

Cocoa sourdough has been quite the hype recently on Instagram. I was intrigued by all the nice loaves and flavor combos that bread enthusiast keep posting everyday. I so wanted to try the cocoa addition, but I has to postpone it as my list of ‘to-be-baked’ has already too long. […]

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Sourdough starter

This post is about making and maintaining a sourdough starter. Mainly aiming for newbies (like myself 4 years ago) and anyone who is interested in natural levain. But if you are a pro, please feel free to read and help me improve the contents. All ideas, suggestions and proposals are […]

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White sourdough bread

Beginner recipe and process This is my most basic sourdough recipe. By basic I mean, the simplest. This is a good every day recipe or could be a go-to recipe. As usual I don’t stick too much with measurements as bread making is sensory.  In saying that, I didn’t mean […]

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