Cranberry & Orange Fruit mince

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This may not be your traditional mince. When I used to work in bakeries, we always outsourced good quality fruit mince in bulk. So I never got a chance to actually make it! This wasn’t something I grew up eating either and thus I never had a family recipe that was passed down or anything like that!

I was lucky to received a few references, tips and tricks from my Australian friends and overtime I have been tweaking it to better suite my palette. I always use what I have got at hand and what’s available in the super market rather than sticking to the same ingredients. Last year was the first time I made this after relocating to the US. I had a lot of home made cranberry jam(another first for me) and thought I’d use that in my mince and it turned out delicious. I just love orange and cranberry combo!

If you are intrigued by these flavors then give this a try and leave your feedback in the comments below.

I use this mincemeat to make my mince pies

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