My story…

I’m Vindi, the baking fanatic behind this blog. Baking has always been something close to my heart. I find it relaxing, very satisfying and challenging at the same time. It almost feels like magic, sometimes, what just flour and water can do. On this blog you will find my baking stories, adventures, experiments and much more!

No, I don’t bake for a living, not yet at least, but I am a software engineer by profession. However, a while ago, back in Australia, I dedicated three years off of my career to learn & study baking/pastry and then moved on to work as a baker and a pastry chef. That was by far the best three years of my life! I never wanted to look back but life had other plans for me. Our careers brought us to the US but I constantly dream about having my own bakery someday, so I can do what I love the most, every single day, for the rest of my life! For the time being, I am happy to be baking the nights and weekends away!

When I am not baking, you will often find me outdoors running, hiking or basking in the sun. Recently I have taken up gardening (in the tiny apartment balcony) and brewing my own “Booch”