Cherry yogurt cake

cherry cake

The ultimate, one bowl, tray bake to use up all your cherries in the cherry season. This is full of juicy fresh cherries. The yogurt base cake is the perfect chewy, crumby carrier for the sweet & sour fruit.

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Whole wheat sourdough bread

whole wheat sourdough

Incorporating wholemeal into your bread can be challenging sometimes. The dough lacks gluten and hence the dough strength. But with a few tricks, you can still bake beautiful bread with a decent oven spring. It is worth it because wholemeal bread are so flavorful!

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Tackling croissants at home

If you are looking to perfect your homemade croissant, this post is for you. I talk about techniques, tips and tricks for getting the perfect flaky, buttery and crispy croissant at home. No need of a dough sheeter, the good old rolling pin is enough!

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Cocoa & orange sourdough

cocoa orange sourdough

Chocolate and orange are a match made in heaven. The flavor combo is sometimes refered to as jaffa. This sourdough loaf is all about jaffa. Heaps of cocoa in the bread and scented with orange zest. A toasted slice will make you feel like having dessert for breakfast!

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