Lemon curd

lemon curd

Literally sunshine in a jar! My process of making lemon curd is easy and takes no time at all. This is perfect to preserve your extra lemons. This can be spread or used in tarts.

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Italian meringue

italian meringue

Making Italian meringue is easier than it sounds! This is perfect for torching or as is. You can use this to decorate desserts or cover cakes. You can either torch it or use broiler to burn. Leftovers can be made into little meringue kisses.

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Tea-infused Scones

Whether you call these scones or biscuits, they are delicious. I have infused these with Earl Gary tea and the fragrance that comes through is amazing. Perfect accompaniment for the evening cup of tea!

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Pumpkin spice cupcakes

One of my favorite inventions. The cake itself is supper moist with pumpkin and all the pumpkin spice. I have made a fluffy cinnamon cream cheese frosting which perfectly complements the delicious cupcake!

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Healthy banana loaf

banana bread

My take on a healthy-ish banana bread. This uses only whole wheat flour! No refined sugar! This is how to use up your over-ripe bananas without adding a ton of sugar to it. I call this my guilt free banana bread.

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Protein brownie bar

protein brownie

I hate the taste of chocolate protein powder. So if you are like me, you will love this idea. Yes make brownies with it. I have not used any refined sugar and it is full of good stuff, so this can easily be your pre-workout snack!

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