Pumpkin pie rolls

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This amazingly soft and warm rolls are the best thing to start fall with. I love making cinnamon rolls. Usually they are best eaten on the same day as they lose their freshness over time. But this pumpkin roll was different. It was fluffy as a cloud and that texture lasted for 3 days.

pumpkin pie rolls

So if you are a pumpkin lover, this is a must try. I think the pumpkin spice is what makes the whole experience enjoyable. I usually make my own pumpkin spice, but you can use the store bought one too. If you don’t like pumpkin spice, then just use cinnamon.

The dough takes a nice deep “Orangish yellow” color from the pumpkin.

I have used butternut squash for this recipe, which is my go to when making pumpkin pies too. They yield a much dense flesh than other varieties and definitely sweeter. Cut the squash in half and roast one half in the oven at about 180 C for 40 minutes. Let it cool and simply scoop out the flesh. Discard the seeds and the skin. You only need 3/4 cups for this recipe, unless you are doubling.

It is important not to boil the pumpkin, as this will water down the flesh. I find even the canned puree is bit too thin for this recipe.

The filling is what makes all the difference. Instead of just using brown sugar and butter, I have added almond meal and a little mashed pumpkin. This filling resembled what you usually get in a cinnamon scroll (the flaky pastry made with puff) Also it’s got a nice thick texture and tastes almost like pumpkin pie filling.

Brown sugar and spices makes all the difference

If you want, just use the regular cinnamon roll filling. It will still turn out delicious.

You can either bake these in a deep pie dish, casserole dish or on a tray. I like to snug them closely in a deep baking dish so they rise upwards and interior remain soft while the tops get crusty.

pumpkin pie rolls
leave some space around

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Make sure to leave some space when you are placing the rolls, as they will expand while the prove for the second time.

pumpkin pie rolls
ready for the oven

Once they come out, I’d let them cool a little bit. If you try to ice them, while they are still hot, the cream cheese icing will melt away. So let them cool off before slathering with the cheesy topping.

pumpkin pie rolls
Ice them while still warm but not hot!

I normally don’t ice the whole thing, as both of us aren’t going to finish it in one sitting! You can store these away in a air tight container and freshen them up in the oven to server later. Ice them just before serving.

pumpkin pie rolls

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