Purple sweet potato sourdough sandwich loaf

purple sweet potato sourdough loaf
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Dairy free, egg free! Calling all vegan and vegetarian friends. If you are allergic to dairy and/or eggs but still love that soft & creamy sandwich bread, then this recipe is for you. The starch from the potatoes makes the crumb super soft while giving it the prettiest purplish magenta hue. This will surely be a hit with the kids…

purple sweet potato sourdough loaf

A bit about the potato

I am using the purple sweet potato that’s also called Japanese purple sweet potato. I preferer the taste and the color. The yellow or the orange potato works well too. The regular sweet potato works too but it won’t give any color to the bread. Either bake or microwave the potato. I always microwave, as it is quick and creates less mess.

If you are boiling or steaming, keep in mind that the flesh will contain more water(moisture). In this case, take some of the water out of the recipe and later add a tablespoon or so depending on how dry/wet the dough is.

sourdough starter

Refresh your starter and have it ready

purple sweet potato

Microwave the purple sweet potato for 4-5 minutes on high or until the flesh is soft. Leave to cool and then scoop out the flesh

mash the potato

Scoop the flesh out and weigh what’s necessary for the recipe. Mash using a fork

water oil

Mix/blend the potato flesh, with water and pass the mixture through a sieve to remove any skin or gritty bits. Add the oil to the same mixture

add starter

Add the starter(levain) in the same mixture and stir to combine

mix liquid and flour

Add the mixture to the flour+sugar and mix using a spatula

purple sweet potato sourdough loaf
mixed dough

Once all the flour is hydrated, cover the bowl and leave to rest for about 1 hour

add salt

After the 1 hour rest, add the salt and mix either by hand or using a mixer(dough hook attachment)

If kneading by hand, 15-20 slap and folds will do. Make sure to wet your hands to prevent sticking.

If using a mixer mix on medium for about a minute

Once done, cover the bowl and leave to rest for 45 minutes

coil fold

After the 45 minutes, coil fold the dough. The dough will be considerably smooth at this stage. Cover and leave in a warm area (27°C) for the bulk

bulked dough

After about 4-5 hours you will see the doughs has doubled in size and has also changed color slightly.


Punch the dough down.
At this stage you can;

  • either continue to the next step and shape the loaf. Leave the dough in the fridge for an hour or two if it is sticky
  • or cover tightly and refrigerate over night
shape the loaf

Shape the dough in to a pan loaf. Check this video on how to shape a loaf and stick oats.

place in the pan

Roll the top with oats and place in a lightly greased loaf pan.

Pan dimensions: 8.5″W x 4.5″D x 2.75″H

Cover and leave in a warm, moist(27°C) area to proof. This may take about 3-4 hours

purple sweet potato sourdough loaf
proofed dough

The loaf should rise at least and inch above the pan and should pass the ‘poke test

Preheat the oven to 425°F

baked loaf

Once the oven is ready, spray the loaf with a little water and place in the oven. After 10 minutes reduce the temperature to 375°F and bake for another 30 – 35 minutes

Remove the pan from the oven, switch off the oven and demold immediately. Place the loaf(whiteout the pan) back in the oven and dry out for 5-10 minutes.

cool the bread

Leave on a wire rack to cool completely.

Do not try to cut it while still warm. The interior will be too moist. As the loaf cools a lot of moisture will evaporate and the loaf will be nice and ready for slicing.

purple sweet potato sourdough loaf
The soft, creamy crumb

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  1. Hello! i am a big fan of your work. i wonder if it’s possible to make this sugar free? or use a substitute for white sugar? thank you!!!

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