Sri Lankan Style Chicken Red Curry

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This is how I make my quick an easy chicken curry on a week night. I may not be able to find all the original spices or herbs all the time, so I will mention the substitutes.

If you can find, please use the following in it’s most authentic form or use the substitutes;
Curry leaves: Use fresh curry leaves when possible. If not use dried version but it is not the same.
Pandan Leaves: Again fresh is the best. You can find curry leaves and Pandan leaves in most Asian markets and in some Indian grocery stores.
Coconut milk: Back home we always used freshly squeezed coconut milk. But I have had great success with canned coconut milk. Find a good brand and stick to it!

Curry powder: Sri Lankan curry powder is slightly different. Use this if you can find it. Following are the brands I use at home. There is a raw and a roasted version. Roasted version is used in black curry.

If you already have Indian curry powder at hand that works too. Just fry it up in oil before adding other ingredients.

Fenugreek seeds: Available online to purchase. They are mostly toasted, which is good. If they are raw, you can toast them lightly in a pan. Toasted seeds will last longer too and tastes way better. They are bitter when eaten on their own, but adds another dimension to curries

I know that we talked about a lot of alternatives and substitutes, but these will create something very very close to the actual authentic dish. And again, Sri Lankan curries are best when cooked in clay pots using wood fired stoves. This is why a trip to the paradise Island should be on your bucket list.

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  1. Thank you so much for the chicken curry recipe. It’s one dish I can never make right and my recipe changes every time. Will definitely try yours one of these days! It looks so delicious! ♥️

    1. You are welcome! Well, it is the same with me. I always taste and adjust spices and substitute with what I have, so mine is slightly different every time, but delicious all the time LOL 😀

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