Summer Sponge Roll Cake

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I use this recipe(orthodox) when I need a more stable product that I can store in fridge for a couple of days or transport to places or served in outdoors. The sponge is very stable, moist and fluffier than the one that use whipped egg whites. Rolling could be a little tricky as the sponge is thicker and I find it a little less flexible, but the flavor is unbeatable.

Strawberries are in season and I love to use fresh berries in my sponge rolls. Any fresh fruit could replace berries, make sure to remove excess moisture by resting the cut fruit pieces on a paper towel.

sponge roll cake

These kind of sponges are baked for a shorter time at a higher temperature. It’s ready when the sponge is dry to the touch and springs back when pressed. Let the sponge cool down for a few minutes on a wire rack before removing the paper. Do not over bake the sponge. It only takes minutes so just keep an eye on your sponge while it bakes and remove when just done! If you over bake it, the crumb will be so dry and it will break when you try to roll it.

But over baked cake/sponge can be used in other desserts, like trifles and puddings, so never throw them away, just wrap them and freeze for later

sponge roll cake
Fluffy and moist crumb

Eggs and sugar are whipped to ribbon consistency.

Dry ingredients are then folded in carefully. It’s important to not to knock out too much air out or the sponge will be flat and dense. 

Use a generous amount of fine sugar on a parchment paper when flipping the sponge sheet over to remove from the baking sheet. This will stop it from sticking to the paper or use a clean tea towel. I prefer the tea towel method. While it is still warm, roll the sponge sheet and then let it cool completely. This initial rolling helps keep the roll from cracking later when we roll with the filling inside. It acts as a memory 🙂 so the sponge knows where to bend. This step is crucial to a smooth finish!

The filling I am using for this is a very refreshing and less sweet alternative to jam or butter cream. I’m using cultured sour cream. It’s got a sharpness and slight tang to it. Any verity of sour cream would work just fine.

I’m also using thinly sliced strawberries. I have coated the strawberries in honey and orange juice.

If you have over backed edges, by mistake, just trim them off and apply some sugar syrup to moisten up.

sponge roll cake

When filling, unwrap the roll and leave it on the tea towel or the parchment paper. Spread sour cream evenly and leave a little room( about 1/2 an inch) at the end so it will not overflow when you roll the last bit.

Use the paper or the tea towel underneath to guide the sponge sheet when rolling. Do not roll too tightly, as it will rack. Once rolled out completely, do not remove the paper/tea towel but place the roll seam side down, and refrigerate for at least 15 minutes to set.

sponge roll cake

Once set, it’s easier to cut. Use a clean sharp serrated knife. If you are not serving it on the same day, then wrap the roll cake in a cling wrap to make it air tight and refrigerate.

sponge roll cake

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  1. Vindi, this cake looks amazing! I will be making it next summer when my strawberries are in season. I have always wanted to find a rolled sponge cake recipe and this looks like the one! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

    1. You are very welcome Ruth. Yes, this roll cake is so light and refreshing. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do.

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