Sourdough Focaccia

sourdough focaccia

A basic focaccia recipe to get you the most airy cloud like crumb. The perfect canvas to be decorated with your favorite herbs, vegetables or leave it plain with minimal condiments. No matter what , it is a winner!

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Ale and potato sourdough bread

This is a variation of a classic bread that I learnt to make at the bakery school. I still remember the smell of potato being boiled, beer balm being cooked and finally when those bread hit the ovens! It is such a sensational culinary experience. We had to wash and […]

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Bread making (Sourdough) Basics for home bakers

I keep getting many questions from home-bakers, about measurements, dough consistency, mixing and proofing mostly with regard to sourdough recipes. So I decided that it will be helpful to create a post that address all the basics in one place about “baking sourdough at home”. This is for anyone who […]

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High-hydration sourdough

sourdough bread

High hydration bread has received a lot of attention lately, specially among the sourdough bread enthusiasts. And to be honest, this is my favorite way to go, even though it did require a lot of time, practicing and perfecting the method. What is not to love about a high-hydration bread, […]

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Sourdough baguettes

A complete guide to crusty homemade sourdough baguettes! I was on a mission to finding the secret or holly grail to making perfect sourdough baguette at home. In a bakery, this would be a no big deal with all the state-of-the-art mixers, proofers and ovens. But it can be quite […]

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Rolled Oats and Apple Sourdough

This is inspired by one of the recipes from my bakery school. I remember how much I loved the smell of grated apples while making this bread at school. We grated about 10 kilos of apple altogether and it was incredible! When apples start to hit the farmers market, you […]

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Fruit Sourdough

My weekly sourdough baking is aligned with our weekend breakfast routine. Saturday brunch, if we are home, is our most anticipated time of the week. This features my sourdough, our favorite deli spread(smoked bacon, cheese, maple syrup, butter, relish) poached eggs, avo, beans and sausages (on someday) and home brewed […]

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Whole wheat sourdough bread

whole wheat sourdough

Making whole wheat sourdough is a challenge. It is not difficult, but it requires some extra attention and tricks to make the bread light and airy. Whole wheat flour has less gluten than the white flour. This is the main reason for whole wheat bread to be dense and not […]

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Cocoa & orange sourdough

cocoa orange sourdough

Cocoa sourdough has been quite the hype recently on Instagram. I was intrigued by all the nice loaves and flavor combos that bread enthusiast keep posting everyday. I so wanted to try the cocoa addition, but I has to postpone it as my list of ‘to-be-baked’ has already too long. […]

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