Sourdough Focaccia

sourdough focaccia

A basic focaccia recipe to get you the most airy cloud like crumb. The perfect canvas to be decorated with your favorite herbs, vegetables or leave it plain with minimal condiments. No matter what , it is a winner!

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Sourdough Challah (coconut & cardamom)

I made my first Challah last year around Easter. This mesmerizing braided bread was all over Instagram and I got to know about it more through my close IG baking family (Yes I have got more virtual friends than real friends now, hoping to meet them in the flesh one […]

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Sourdough sandwich bread (Pullman)

sourdough sandwich

A sandwich bread is a must when you plan a picnic, outing, gathering, kids party or BBQ. This is a kids favorite right!? However, I tend to buy sandwich bread from a good local bakery mostly, as I never plan ahead. So this is not very frequent bread at our […]

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Ale and potato sourdough bread

This is a variation of a classic bread that I learnt to make at the bakery school. I still remember the smell of potato being boiled, beer balm being cooked and finally when those bread hit the ovens! It is such a sensational culinary experience. We had to wash and […]

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