Vegan custard

vegan custard
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I tested this recipe just to fill my vegan doughnuts. I have recently become so fond with tofu and trying to incorporate them in to making desserts. I have used tofu in chocolate mousse and in pancakes successfully. So the fact that it’s got a a high percentage of proteins and the no flavor makes them a good candidate in many desserts.

This recipe, makes a smooth, silky custard like cream that you can use to fill doughnuts, drizzle over fruits and spread over chilled deserts. I can eat this by the spoonfuls, it is that yummy.

vegan custard

This has got no eggs, so technically calling this a custard could be misleading. But I was referring to the consistency mostly, when I decided to call it a custard.

I’m using coconut sugar, which is the key ingredient behind the flavor. You can use juggery (rock solid coconut sugar) in-place of coconut sugar. Palm sugar will work too. This gives a nice caramel like flavor and the color. This is far easier than using cane sugar and caramelizing it.

vegan custard
coconut sugar and coconut milk

Next is the coconut milk. Simmering coconut sugar and coconut milk, results in a thick molasses. This syrup has to cool completely. It becomes thicker and stickier when cooled.You simply have to process this with silken tofu to get the custard. It is that easy.

vegan custard
syrup thickens as it cools

Use the firm version of silken tofu which is meant for desserts. Drain the tofu first. Place the slab inside a sieve with a fine mesh and leave for about an hour.

vegan custard
process until smooth

Make this custard a day ahead and chill it for a firmer consistency. And last but not least, the salt is very important as it rounds up the flavor and vanilla is optional, but recommended!

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