I’m conducting classes and workshops for homemakers of all skill levels. I have created a meetup group where I will be posting all of my future sessions. Joining the group is free and you can join from anywhere in the world. All of the workshops/classes will be virtual for the time being. There will be both paid and free events.

Check the available classes below and sign up on or click the blue link bellow to go to the group directly on
Take me directly to From the Scratch Baking meetup group

Hand Lamination (for croissants, Danish, puff etc.)

cost – $25
Duration – 2 hours

– We will laminate a puff dough from start to end
– 2 book folds during the workshop & more later
– Learn how layers are created
– Book fold vs letter fold
– Flour & butter choices
– Learn how to use this lamination in other products like croissants
– All the issues with lamination and how to prevent them
– Q & A

What you need:
pre-made dough and butter block
Instructions are provided in the event details.

PIZZA (mixing, shaping, baking)
New dates coming soon…

cost – $20
Duration – 2 hours

– sourdough pizza ( dough hydration, flour, flavor)
– how to pack flavor into the pizza dough
– fermenting the dough
– how to shape the pizza
– how to get the open airy crust
– oven temperature
– using a home oven vs using a pizza oven
– getting the leopard spots

What you need:
Instructions are provided in the event details.

CHOUX Pastry (puff/รฉclair/craquelin)
New dates coming soon…

cost – $25
Duration – 2 hours

– making the batter without a mixer
– how much eggs to add (when to stop)
– what is the perfect batter consistency?
– how to fix a faulty batter?
– piping technique
– how to bake (dry out ) correctly
– making a craquelin paste and how to use it
– equipment needed
– how to fill and glaze

we will also make a simple ganache and chocolate whipped cream to fill these

Sourdough bread making (Hands-on) + Breaducation
New dates coming soon…

cost – $35
Duration – 3 hours

What you will do:
– Mixing the dough
– Performing coil folds
– bake later
– shaping techniques
– slashing/ scoring
– baking
– Bread baking basics (science)
– Gluten development
– Necessary tools for bread making
– Flour 101, artisan flour, flour specification
– Incorporating “Wholemeal” and/or wholegrain flour
– Fermenting (same-day vs overnight)
– Controlling sourness/flavor
– Preferments/ sourdough alternatives
– Q & A

Coming soon…

  • Beginner bread baking (bake your first loaf with yeast)
  • Lemon meringue tart – Hands-On workshop
  • Sourdough brioche
  • Sourdough burger buns
  • Traditional croissants – croissants using commercial yeast. Demonstrations only. shaping, proofing, baking
  • Danish pastry – different shapes, fillings, baking and decoration

Classes will be repeated depending on the demand

Please suggest a new class in the comments below and also let me know what days of the week and times you prefer for virtual classes.

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    1. I do a virtual workshop for sourdough breadmaking.
      3 hours – $35
      Next class Friday, March 19, 2021 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM PDT. Class repeats once/twice every month
      Click the link ‘From the scratch baking‘ to go to the meetup group to see full details.

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